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We are the only manufacturer of native potato starch and maltodextrin in the north-west region of Poland.

Starch production and processing in Lobez has over 100 years of tradition. During this time, we have developed a good, well-known brand and - most importantly - we have gained trust of customers, both in Poland and abroad.

Our highly qualified staff gives you a guarantee of the highest quality of products and reliable service.

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"NOWAMYL" S.A. - Potato Processing Plant 73-150 Lobez, ul. Szosa Swidwinska 1
Sad Rejonowy w Szczecinie XVII Wydzial Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sadowego, KRS nr 0000030134, NIP 859-000-06-88, Kapiatal zakladowy 10 864 061,65 zl
phone. 0913974021 to 24 fax 0913974592 Email: info@nowamyl.pl|=| Sales Department: zbyt@nowamyl.pl